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Aligizaki-Aligizou Kyriaki

Date of birth: 01-01-1956
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She was born in Piraeus in 1956. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1977-1982) under D. Kokkinidis and G. Moralis, fresco painting and portable image techniques under K. Ksinopoulos (1982-1984), mosaic under Y. Kolefas (1983-1985) and engraving with Th. Exarhopoulos (1982-1983). Her work moves initially within the context of mild expressionism, where basically the human form dominates with restrained expressiveness, while later it is develops into more powerful variations with sociopolitical extensions. In her recent work she turns to abstraction in a more intense lyrical mood, exploiting the expressional potential of themes like mask, movement and dancing. She works as a secondary education teacher.

Personal exhibitions
1983: “7” Gallery
1991: “Astrolavos” Gallery

Group exhibitions
1988: Cultural centre of Athens Municipality
1990: House of Cyprus