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Alevizos Anastasios

Date of birth: 01-01-1914
Date of death: 01-01-1985
Art Works 10


He studied sculpture, painting and engraving at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1930-1939). With the outbreak of war, the engraving workshop of the School of Fine Arts takes on the design of posters for the encouragement of the Greek people. Tassos’s work entitled “Have YOU given?” is one of the first four topics chosen for printing as posters. His works are differentiated via the use of styles and the corresponding thematic choices, each easily associated to specific time periods.

He presented his work in solo exhibitions (1936 Eleftheroudakis bookstore, Room “Vima” 1953, Municipal Museum of Los Angeles, 1959, 1960 Art Thessaloniki, Volos 1960, "Zygos" 1960, 1964, Ioannina 1961, University Center Book 1963, Hilton Nicosia 1971, EPMAS 1975, 1987, Heraklion, Stavrakakis 1978, Larissa 1978, "Nees Morfes" 1978, 1979 Grimaldi, Baltimore 1979, Palace of Art Moscow 1980, Neue Galerie im Alten Museum in Berlin, 1985 etc.) and participated in group exhibitions. In 1986 he founded the Society of Figurative Arts "A. Tassos, with an aim to collect and take advantage of Tassos’ work, for the promotion and support of young Greek engravers.