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Ainatzi Fani

Date of birth: 01-01-1957
Art Works 21


Fani Ainatzi was born in Drama. In 1984, she started her studies in painting at the Ecole Superieure Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris. In 1989, she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her teachers were Dimitris Mytaras and Triantafyllos Patraskidis. In 1990, she attended courses the Painting Department of Ecole Superieure Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lausanne.

2007: ASTRA Gallery, Athens.
2006: Municipal Gallery of Mykonos.
2002: ASTRA Gallery, Athens.
2000: CHRYSOTHEMIS Gallery, Athens.
1997: E.P.A.S.K.T., Athens.

2007: MINIMA Gallery, Mykonos.
2006: Galerie ESPRIT D 'ARTISTE, Honfleur, France.
2003: Short Film, Drama.
2002: ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki.
2002: ASTRA Gallery, Athens.
2001: Ariadni Gallery, Iraklion, Crete.
2000: CHRYSOTHEMIS Gallery, Athens.
1992: French Institute, Athens.
1989: Conservatory of Athens, Athens.
1989: Graduates Exhibition, Kostis Palamas Building, Athens.