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Adrianos Sotiris

Date of birth: 01-01-1977
Art Works 2


Sotiris Andrianos was born in Athens in 1977. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professor Dimitris Mitaras and Zaharias Arvanitis. He graduated with honors in 2004. From 2002 to 2006 was involved in the preparation of candidate students for the admission exams of "Athens School of fine Arts". Starting in 2007 he taught Drawing and Painting for the AKTO Art & Design "private college of applied and fine arts".

2007 "Ekfrasi" Gallery, Gianna Grammatopoulou
2009 "Epsilon" Gallery, Rosy Oikonomidou

1999 Group exhibition "The olive tree in the past and Future" Foundation of P. & M. Kydonieos, Andros.
1999 Group Exhibition “F” Gallery, Karditsa
2001 Group exhibition of partners ADAM Gallery
2002 Group exhibition of partners ADAM Gallery
2003 Group exhibition of partners EKFRASI ART GALLERY, Glyfada
2004 Group exhibition, "NEW GENERATION" 5 Young Painters, EKFRASI ART GALLERY
2004 Sculpture and Painting 20th century, ART CITY MIHARALARIAS, Malakasa.
2004 "The world of Olive" Basilica of St. Mark, Heraklion / institution. Vikelaia Public Library.
2004-2005 Group exhibition, "missal" ROOM ART EXPRESSION.
2005 "Team Synergy" EKFRASI ART GALLERY.
2005 "Painting Group" Human Rights Advocacy Center, Freedom Park Art Center
2005 "Group Painting" ART GALLERY, Alexandroupolis.
2006 "The colors of the rainbow" EPSIPE.
2006 "was once Penelope Delta", Iris Cretan.
2006 "90 Artists for Human Rights" Human Rights Advocacy Center, Freedom Park Arts Centre.
2008 Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian City Venice / Arts Centre
2008 Liberty Park / organization: P.O.D.A., Little Bear / curator Iris Cretan
2008 Artists for Human Rights "Human Rights Advocacy Centre, "Skoufa" Art Gallery
2008 Group exhibition titled "The masters of Aegina" Cultural Centre of Athens "Melina" Thissio
2008 Group exhibition "Tribute to Cinema" gallery Athens art space MARY ALEXIOY
2009 Group exhibition "4 SEASONS" War Museum. Organized by Art Expertise Exhibition.
2010 4th Beijing International Art Biennale “Ecology and Homestead” Award winning artwork "Instict"
2010 Grand Palais, Salon des Independants, Paris.
2010 Art de Causans, Paris.