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Achladas Lampros

Date of birth: 01-01-1927
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He attended the California College of Arts and Crafts and the American Art School in New York. Since 1957 he lives and works in Greece. The main theme of his works is the young woman. He has also painted still lives and landscapes. His paintings are explicit and are characterized by the harmonious coexistence of color and design.

Solo exhibitions:
•    Gray Gallery (Oackland, California 1952)
•    Grippi Gallery (New York 1959)
•    Greek-American Association (1964, 1975)
•    Koko Gallery (New York 1972, 1976)
•    Summit Gallery (New York 1983)
•    Argo Nicosia (1991, 1993)

He received the Medal of the National Academy of Design in New York. His works can be found at EPMAS and in the Museum of New Mexico. He is a member of EETE.